Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2 Amazing Helicopter Vids You MUST See!

[RealWorldAviation] I am a huge fan of chopper flying and recently met a 21-year-old female college student that had just finished her solo on the R22 and received her license. Jerome has also had some solo chopper air time, and as I enjoy it so much in the sim, perhaps I should have a go at it in real world as well.
No matter how good a pilot you might be though, very few are as good as these guys! Here are 2 videos I discovered this morning that will knock your socks off! You just won't believe how these guys maneuver, appear just seconds from disaster and yet, it's like no big deal!

The first is the Christmas tree grabber:
YouTube Link

The second is the icy lake slider:
Liveleak Link

Based on Pedro's comment, I am now wondering if the second vid is a RC copter and the guys do almost look CGIsh.... huh...

Guess it is real!

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Jerome Zimmermann said...

Very cool vids D'André!

DAndre Newman said...

Thanks! If only I could pull this off even in the sim I would be happy!

Pedro said...

Not that these aren't cool vids, they both look fishy to me and the second one if you pause when it's passing next to the hockey team, you notice that the heli is disproportionate to the guy on the left that it just misses. His face also looks cartooney... just saying...

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Kind of reminds me of this gem from June 2000, called 405: The Movie:

A really fantastic short clip!

DAndre Newman said...

Hmmm... ill take another look.

Michael Fleming said...

Behind the scenes video of the second one:

Pedro said...

I realise I may be wrong after seeing Michael Fleming's vid.
I even found another video supporting supporting the first one.

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