Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Simcheck FMC update uploading!

FSX. Simcheck has offically completed the very long awaited update to their A300 product. Now complete with a fully functional FMC, this is sure to make this bird much more fun to fly. The update is not available just yet but the files have been forwarded to the Aerosoft team and files are uploading. We will shoot another update once it's available. Thanks to the ADX reader without a name for emailing us with the tip!
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Unknown said...

Awesome !! Do you know if they will make this aircraft P3D v2 compatible ?

Airspeed said...

WOW, all the time and effort put into developing this and It is still not enough? Give it a rest with the V2. We get it, V2 is new. It also is not compatible with most addons.V2 will have it's day when you can install all your addons in and they WORK!! Forum after forum riddled with complaints, this does not work or the ever so popular CTD when I click on something. How about a large cup of patience. I'm guessing that some of you are now asking at the restaurant "the fish special looks good, is it P3DV2 compliant"? Really!!

Pe11e said...

VC still looks like it is from a cartoon. :(

Unknown said...

Calm down.... it's just a question... answer should be yes or no, and I'll totally undesrtand if the answer is no. No need to write something like this, Mr "Airspeed"...

Unknown said...

Really!!!!?? Airspeed?????

As a paying customer its a legitimate question you knob!

Anonymous said...

Airspeed im with you on that one ! Give us a goddamn rest people.....developpers need time so everything will hopefully be p3d compatible....and just becuz you pay for something doesnt mean you have an excuz to ask again and again the same stupid questions when answers are obvious . Worst case ontario, check the product page and look at the platform requirements.

whisper said...

it´s not officaly tested how ever 1 have reported that he tryeid it but no official that it´s working 100% if you look at the aerosoft forum.. so i would go queitly.. how ever i might try when it´s out if i like it as i guess the test was for the privius version of p3d

Airspeed said...

Hmmm, name calling, childish and funny. I can see one thing here, not one person presents one FACT to prove me wrong. Zero, nada, just some feelings got expressed. I welcome anyone here to reply with some facts. The constant questions and the compatibility issues are real.
"As a paying customer its a legitimate question you knob!"
Now that's Sad. A Knobby question for you, would it not make more sense actually going the A300 forum? Your answer is there waiting, I know I checked. Or does that make too much sense??
When the developers catch up, I can see P3DV2 being good for all of us. It's just going to take time & patience.

ALX WNT said...

LOL guys, calm your tits, i dont want to remember ADX as another AVSIM, please.

Returning to topic,

- Yes, It is, has to be compatible.

- No, your message about 'when it's going to be compatible' is illogical act, since P3D is not complete. Therefore, making addons compatible with P3D with it's current state would be waste of time (IMHO)

You should be really calm down, Xmas is coming, get some vacation people, i dont like the recent attitude of people in here towards other members, we dont need another AVSIM please.

Best Regards

Unknown said...

It's long awaited and I think it's still a high calibre addon!

Unknown said...

It's been long await and I can't wait to finally fly her properly "by the book".

Flyinglive64 said...

Great add-on, I still love using Simcheck A300. I’ve been very comfortable using the INS system. Bjorn could have not made a simpler and friendlier INS. But with the addition of the CDU it should make route planning even simpler.
Though, I have to wonder if the developer has future plans for the A-310 and A-300-600 or was the A-300 B2 the only planed development like Leonardo Mad Dog MD-80?

Unknown said...

Well I have asked the question about a -600 series some time ago, however Bjorn did say that there were no plans to :(

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