Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Flightbeam Studios KDEN Screenshots!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Mir of Flightbeam Studios is reporting on his Facebook that he's reached some key milestones in the development progress of KDEN and has posted two new screenshots with this update on his KDEN project. We're really looking forward to the release, which is still on schedule for Q1 2014.

According to his post, progress is as follows:

- Ultra high definition terminals = check
- 30-40% more terminal details than KIAD = check
- Butter smooth performance = check
- Completely modeled terminal interiors = check
- Actual 3D blinds and pillars seen in the images = check
- All terminals modeled and finished = check

This is going to be another winner, his work is outstanding!

Thanks to Richárd for the tip!
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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this, about an hours flying time to 3 great ORBX airports which can handle a 737;kden-kwys;kden-kbzn

Sweet Monkey said...

In terms of Quality, Detail, and Performance, FB is Number one, along with FlyTampa. Many would say that they surpass FSDT, But you have to compare Apples to Apples. Even FT can be brought to their knees (performance wise) at Airport scenery that host multiple liveries (KBOS). Nonetheless FB, I command and applaud you for your incredible work. You're already reserved in my bank anymore you want to bring to us:)

Daniel Santoro said...

I was not intending to purchase this scenery but it's difficult to resist when we see such a beauty! Flightbeam is getting better by the day.

wideloadwhitford said...

Flightbeam is better than FSDT in my opinion. I don't believe FSDT has discovered the true technology behind saving FPS.

Sid said...

I also prefer Flightbeam to FSDT for similar reasons and one or two other reasons. I would really like to see Flightbeam grow so talented Mir can take on a larger team and branch out a little into other countries too, with his oversight of course. Now, as far as Denver is concerned, this will be his best work yet...and a large useful hub allowing many great connections (domestic and international). An all round winner close to those gorgeous mountains and an airport that I've long wanted in terms of large US hubs in great locations. And I know he was toying around with some great 'passenger flow' ideas for the terminals and such...I do hope he goes ahead with that very much as it'll really bring Denver to 'life' and be the icing on an already very tasty cake.
Great shots of luck to getting it finished for a Q1 2014 finished so I can buy my 4th FB super-hub international and most wanted yet :-) Thanks for the shots Jerome!


Aaron said...

My home airport done in fabulous detail. Can't wait!

flight29er said...

Are FB airports compatible with FTXG?

Autobots said...


Xander said...

Guys just to let you know, XHT labs first prague review:

Sorry dont know how to report it otherwise

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