Friday, December 13, 2013

New LKPR Václav Havel Airport WIP Preview Video!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. XHT Labs have just released a work-in-progress video showing the current status of their Prague airport project. Prague's Václav Havel Airport is the largest airport in the Czech Republic and used by millions of visitors every year, both D'André and I have travelled through there as well. I have to say that this looks extremely promising, they certainly seem to be adding a lot of details, and we hope that this will be reflected in the quality of the final product.

Prague's LKPR Václav Havel Airport is ideally located for short flights over to Budapest, neighbouring Germany, and Eastern Europe in general. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well this video is worth even more, take a look for yourself.

Thanks to Xander for the tip!

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Unknown said...

Is it done?, and have they only made this video, so we can drooooole over the superb scenery here ? LOL - looking forward to finally have a superb LKPR airport ;-) ....the freeware one was never finished....

Nick said...

I hope they will do FS2004 version after FSX

Drzewiecki Design said...

You've been to Prague and you haven't visited Poland?? Shame, shame!

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Not recently Stan, but thanks, I'll make good on that invitation as soon as I have the opportunity ;-)

Bjorn Harlin said...

It looks like on their site it will be an X-plane scenery and not P3D2 ???

DAndre Newman said...

The video above is in FSX which is an XPL portover.

Premek said...

Hi guys - we're glad you like it ;)

Let me answer some questions:

- This video is taken in FSX. Anyway, I wouldn't call it portover. This scenery is created with both technologies (FSX/P3D and X-Plane) in mind so that much of the work will re-usable for X-Plane version too.

- P3D V2 will be almost certainly supported

- Sorry, but FS2004 will be highly likely NOT provided

We hope to come with updates with higher frequency, so stay tuned ;)

(Sorry Jerome, I needed to do some edit and didn't realized you'll answer that quick. Hope it is not a problem ;) )

Fabo said...

Nowhere near close to done, Soren :) still a lot work to do.

Fabo said...

No plans for that at the moment, although it is not completely ruled out yet.

Not much FS9 people left, and frankly, no excuse for them not to update.

Fabo said...

Actually not a portover. The scenery is developed natively for FSX as well as X-Plane; with primary aim on FSX at the moment.

No word on P3D yet.

Jerome Zimmermann said...

No problem whatsoever Premek, thanks for stopping by at the blog here :-)

We're certainly excited about the progress and look forward to the next update from your team.

Sid said...

Ahoj a mockrat dekuji Premek! To je moc krasny! Ja myslim a doufam ze bude vyborne! Ja urchite koupim na prvni den az bude complet a hotovy! Dobry prace chlapce :-)

As someone who lived in this gem of a city for 8 years or so, called it a second home at the time and had the pleasure to watch this airport develop and evolve from a communist-era shak that was Praha Ruzyne at the time of the Velvet revolution (You can still see the original 'Praha' sign on the original structure) to the stunning piece of glass and steel architecture that it is Vaclav Havel International Airport today, I also can't wait to enjoy the airport that I have also flown through countless times, as the ADX team has done. Great news eh Jerome and DAndre? One of my most wanted airports, even though for personal reasons perhaps, but really looking forward to a day 1 purchase of this if it continues to improve like this through to completion :-) Keep up the good work XHT...I add to Jerome's excitement about progress and also look forward to the next update. That video looks so accurate to what exist in reality that I just feel the nostalgia and desire to hop back on a plane to Prague! Christmas is wonderful there :-) Thanks so much for the update and vid guys!!!! Really!!!

Premek said...

Thanks Sid!

Your Czech is excellent ;)

Sid said...

Diky moc Premek! I'm sure yours is too kamarad! Lol! Just kidding. It used to be a lot better :-) Really looking forward to an airport that played such an important part in my life while at University :-) To bude krasny Premek a dekuji za tvoje compliment kamarad! Hodne stasti :-)

Unknown said...

Good scenery..! But i hope with AES Traffic (Aerosoft), too!!

Premek said...

Hi Sebastian

Well, not yet sure with AES but the airport will be alive ;)
I hope there will be another video in reasonable time which will show what I mean - should be kind of surprise ;)

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