Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Introducing: Natural Tree Environment X!

FSX/P3D. How many of you remember Samoshin Natural World Trees? For me, it was a tremendous product that greatly enhanced the quality of trees in FS9. You can no longer find that product but there is something new on the scene and it's called Natural Tree Environment X. This product replaces your default tree textures and features over 170 new tree textures in high definition that enhances your environment by introducing new and detailed trees across all continents be it cities, forests, rain forests, jungles, mountains, savannas, and the countryside. Have a look for yourself!

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Unknown said...

Looks nice. Wondering what the impact on VAS is...

Unknown said...

It says it replace "Default Trees", so forget it if you have Orbx /GTX scenery already.

Marek said...

You can use those trees with ORBX. Quote from producent page:
'Update: Natural Tree Environment X is indeed compatible with FTXGlobal.
Simply open 'FTX Central' and in the options uncheck the option that says "Use Orbx Trees" then click 'Apply'. Once this option is disabled, you will see the trees included in this product blend with FTXGlobal.'

There is a link to screens with FTX and Zinetrek trees.

Mik said...

Any ideas on FPS and performace impact?

Snyboon said...

I actually haven't purchased FTX yet, but are these trees better/nicer/more realistic than the FTX trees?

Unknown said...

Before FTX global there was also some nice FREEWARE trees from Aimé Leclercq - if u want some FREEWARE - he's also a guy the makes a lot of experiments with the textures in FS9 & his name.......regarding Natural Tree Environment and FTX global, Zinertek has posted some screens on their website :

Unknown said...

Aimé Leclercq homepage here :

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