Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Introducing: CRJ200X team!

FSX. We had been following the AWG CRJ project for quite a long time. However, ADX reader feedback coupled with some internal team issues not only delayed the project, but the improvements the tram needed to implement were so complex, it was deemed better to restart the project from the ground up. Thanks to ADX reader Jens Cassel for this tipoff, we have the first development renders of the CRJ200X project back now on the drawing board. As a reminder, the Digital Aviation / Aerosoft CRJ is slated for a Q1-2014 release. Will this project see release in 2014? Time will tell. For now, here are the first renders of the started project. Best of luck to this team! We will continue to follow development. Looks good!

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Jordan said...

This is not from AWG, this is separate

DAndre Newman said...

Even more good news then!

Charles Williamson said...

I know you don't like being called a journalist, but you did say you would like to be called one when the website is up or running.

Whether you are a journalist or not, it is not exactly nice to say that it is good news because a certain time is not developing something. You very proudly call yourself the 'Insolent' blog. While you did post the news about this being a AWG product, I do not think it is very 'insolent' of you to then say it is good they are not developing it. So much for the non bias.

I have been following this blog for quite some time, but recently the quality of the content has plummeted significantly.

I am afraid that it may no longer be worth my time coming to this blog if the current trend continues.

Anonymous said...

We are not AWG-Simulations. Release is expected in 2014.


automized said...

I do believe you are quite mistaken. D'Andre was simply stating that it's good news because there is a new dev team on the horizon. He did not mean that it was good because a certain development came to a halt. In other words don't jump to conclusions so quick, analyze what the other person is saying.

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