Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DFS Fiumicino: Not for 2013?

FSX/P3D. According to Mathijs Kok, Aerosoft does have the files for the FSX version of the Dream Factory Studios Rome Fiumicino project. The way I understand it, based on Mathijs' recent statement: "We did get new files from the developer but they are still not what we want to release." Leaves me to believe that there is likely a quality or performance issue or both. Aerosoft has rejected at least 2 products this year that we know based on the quality factor. In this case, it seems the internal team is working to improve things directly as opposed to simply relying on the developer. As Mathijs says: "It's doubtful this will be a 2013 release unfortunately." At the very least, it's a good thing the Aerosoft team is making the effort to bring the product up to standard.

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Névé said...

Aerosoft made ​​no effort, that's just a distributor, it's not them who works on the scenes or giving advice to developers or help us. It simply rejects it when their not agree. If we take stock of scenery products released in 2013 by Aerosoft ... is very poor.
0 mega airport, several updates on old airports, and a few small airports !
I hope Oslo release in 2013 for save Aerosoft reputation
The only best release in 2013 for Aerosoft are the Palm 29 product and Drzewiecki and in this case, Aerosoft are not author, just intermediate distribution

Unknown said...

Well, Mathijs said "it's doubtful", that does not mean that the release will be 100% in 2014, as written in the title of this topic.

DAndre Newman said...

And where did I write its 100% not getting released this year?

Unknown said...

Well, you wrote "not for 2013", it should have been "probably not for 2013"... ;-)

DAndre Newman said...

The fact that Mathijs says he is doubtful is saying a lot. James. But till you what, i'll put a question at the title and meet you half way.

Fabo said...

Oslo is not Aerosoft inhouse project either.

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