Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Prepar3D v2 FlyTampa Dubai 24h Timelapse!
P3Dv2. Since the release of Prepar3D v2, many of you might still be wondering whether it's really worthwhile to make the switch from FSX or Prepar3D v1. I can tell you that DirectX 11, coupled with the new lighting options, really does make a huge difference in terms of immersion and performance.

Seeing that FlyTampa has pulled out all the stops to make one of my all-time favourite sceneries, FlyTampa Dubai Rebooted, compatible with Prepar3D v2, I put together a 2 minute video to illustrate just how good the lighting, reflection and shadow effects are.

I guess the most amazing aspect of this scenery, is that the complexity and vastness seem to have little or no effect on the overall performance, it's extremely fluid even with very high settings. I hope you enjoy this short clip, this scenery really is incredibly well done. Thank you Martin and team at FlyTampa!

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DAndre Newman said...

Very cool!

Balan22 said...

The sand above the city is kinda strange looking at night but I assume Flytampa will fix this, anyway it looks awesome.

a said...

Quick question, does the DX11 needs to be set on in the settings or Nvidia, or it is on by defult?

Frederik Hagedorn said...

Actually there is frequently a sort of foggy sandy mix in the air when you're in Dubai. It's more than just a haze at times and this is what the light seems to be reflecting off. I think it looks pretty cool!

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Thanks D'André ;-)

Jerome Zimmermann said...

DirectX is an API that ships with Windows software and DX11 is available from Windows Vista upwards. There is nothing you would generally do to set it, Prepar3D v2 checks and updates your DirectX software during installation.

Sid said...

One of the best sceneries money can buy! Still the one to beat in so many respects. If I were to take all the factors I take into account together when I look for a most satisfying scenery in every respect (including visual quality and performance factors as well as location, originality, uniqueness, included areas, complexity and vastness, and longevity of usability etc. etc.), Fly Tampa Dubai Rebooted (City and Airport) would still have to be at the top of my list of all-time greats in its overall class of scenery. Thank you Fly Tampa indeed for such an incredibly performing and masterful scenery in every respect.

And thank you Jerome for this great time-lapse video showcasing its glory in Prepar3d v2...Really shows how it still oozes class. I love that haze...just another great real-world Fly Tampa special effect! Great idea with the 24 hour Timelapse...The start of a new series of previews to come for Prepar3d v2 sceneries perhaps? ;-)


Roger said...

How to install fsx addons in p3d v2 please ?

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi Roger,

FlyTampa's Dubai scenery has a native Prepar3D v2 installer now:

Please email FlyTampa if you need their support.

Best regards,


Jerome Zimmermann said...

Thanks Sid :-)

D'André and I are always looking at new ways of showing off scenery, we'll see.



Manuel said...

A new timelaps about Oslo on p3dV2 are just release ...

Unknown said...

How does P3D stack up to FSX when it comes to memory management, out of memory errors etc...since the detail, shadowing and CPU demand would be larger...does P3D address any virtual memory usage so its more stable, perhaps? thoughts?? ds

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi Darryl,

That would really depend on the particular setup that you have. Through the use of DX11, Prepar3D v2 is able to take full advantage of your graphic card's VRAM, thereby unloading some of the virtual memory usage coupled to system RAM. If your graphics card only has 1 GB of VRAM, then this will obviously fall short of what would be ideal.

I covered the release of Prepar3D v2 quite extensively here:

So yes, it is much more stable, loads so much faster, and the graphics are more than just better, they are absolutely amazing, so much so that you can't really compare them with what FSX is able to deliver graphically!

Best regards,


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