Monday, December 16, 2013

CoolSky/McPhat Fokker 50 First Cockpit Render!

FSX. If you are like me and like your 'fan blades' on the outside of the engine, this is a glorious time! With Razbam's Metroliner and EMB-120, Aerosoft's Twin Otter Extended, the Majestic Q400, Milviz's King Airs and the Carenado 1900D, we are really spoilt for choice and there is plenty for us turboprop fans to keep busy with. While progress has been kept mostly under wraps with the CoolSky/McPhat Fokker, it is obvious that work continues as they've given us the first complete cockpit render that I am aware of. If McPhat's X-Plane ATR is any indication of what to expect, then this one should be pretty sweet!  And lest we forget, the DC-9 was no slouch either!

According to the comments on their Facebook post, the VC is near ready for textures, so hopefully this one isn't too far off in the distance. There have been several exterior shots so that seems quite far along in development and it is good to see this area catching up.

Ok, I confess, I love my turboprops, but I am a classic jetliner junkie too and seeing this makes me want a F.28 in the worst way! Anyone else?


Jim Tobber said...

Man wow. You should finish the render, with suitable textures and colors. Great effort though :-)

Unknown said...

Being a Dutchman, this will be an instant buy at release. But... it seems to take them forever. I think I saw the first screens of the external model 2 years ago.
If they are only able to show the "clay render" at this time, it makes me wonder how many years we still have to wait.
As for the F-28, I'd rather see a good F70/F100. Uptill this day I can still get frustrated knowing how close we were with the Digital Aviation F70/F100. I was amongst the first to buy and it was excellent with only lacking a VC.
I've never understood why the developer (Florian Praxmarer) never sold the rights to Aerosoft, so Aerosoft could finish the project, just like they're doing with the DA CRJ project.
The dev now seems to be vanished and so are the chances of his F70/F100 ever being finished.
Just hoping another developer will start on it one day...

Sid said...

Looking very nice Ian!

Ian G said...

They aren't the quickest developers around, I'll give you that!

Ian G said...

The second paragraph of this article states: 'According to the comments on their Facebook post, the VC is near ready for textures...'

CGaft said...

Yeah they may be slow but so is PMDG...FSL is slooowmotion....but Coolsky always delivers! "hardcore" addons are always going to be slow!

Ian G said...

Like I said in the article, the DC-9 was a solid offering, one in which I had time to fly more often. And those of us that were around in the day will remember Espen's freeware Fokker 50 panel from back when... Espen (CoolSky) knows this plane. It should be good!

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