Monday, December 16, 2013

And The Next Irish Airport Is......?
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Now that Orbx have released their FTX EU Ireland Scenery, it would be wonderful if we could have some original high-quality airports to populate at least some of the over 70,000 sq km Irish countryside that's delivered by Orbx's latest release. I realise that Aerosoft is going to soon be publishing a new Mega Airport Dublin that's been in development for over a year, but other than that, there doesn't seem to be anything else in the pipeline......yet.

What do you think, do we need some Irish airfields? Would you be interested in a developer producing some new, high-quality Irish airport(s)?

Here are some possibilities I can think of, and I have to say, Ireland certainly has the potential for some breathtaking approaches:

Donegal - EIDL, located in the N at Carrickfinn:

Inisheer - EIIR, located on the Aran Islands:

Inishmore - EIIM, located on the Aran Islands:

Weston - EIWT, located just W of Dublin:

Abbeyshrule - EIAB, located 60 miles WNW of Dublin:

Connemara - EICA, located just S of Inverin:

Bantry - EIBN, located just WSW of Bantry:

With rugged coastlines and weather strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream's North Atlantic Drift nearby, I personally think that Ireland has some real potential for providing a truly unique flying experience.

We invite you to share your views in the comments section below.
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Sean McFadden said...

Inishmore would be my first choice, Inisheer second. Seeing that picture makes me wonder why nobody has ever thought of developing this, it's absolutely breathtaking!

Ciki said...

I think these exist in pretty good freeware quality.

Unknown said...

My vote would be for Weston

DAndre Newman said...

Donegal on Carrickfinn I would add to that list!

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Good one D'André, I added it to the list ;-)

DAndre Newman said...

Thank you sir!!

Sid said...

Yes Donegal would be a great idea well as Inishmore and Inisheer :-) Nice one!

Fabian Baumgartner said...

I would already be happy if any one of the above is done, this is an area that seems very neglected.

Unknown said...

Kilrush EIKH is the airfield where we keep our PA-18. Its in the south of Kildare. It should be on this list also with Newcastle (EINC) in Wicklow. Clonbullogue Airfield EICL is the home of the Irish Parachute Club, that could have potential too . Weston EIWT is a must, it was one of the most prominent aerodromes in Ireland until it was re-sold a decade ago. It is still home to some of Irelands most popular flight schools though. There is huge potential for Orbx in Ireland. I think Aerosoft should also look into Cork & Shannon after Dublin.

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