Monday, December 16, 2013

Orbx EGTF Fairoaks Very Close To Final Beta!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. This news just in...Orbx scenery wizard, Heiko Glatthorn, has just posted some new screenshots of his latest project, EGTF Fairoaks, along with an update that preparations are underway to build the final beta installer. This is really fantastic, as it means the release isn't far off, and with Christmas just over a week away now, the chances are very good for a release by then.

Heiko has also hinted on their next project, Welshpool, a very quaint airport in the beautiful Welsh countryside. If you're wondering what Welshpool Airport looks like, here is an image from Bing:

Plus it looks like there are plans to develop two Norwegian airfields too! Here are some of the latest EGTF shots posted today by Heiko:

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Fabian Baumgartner said...

I wish Heiko and his team would do some Irish airports, as suggested in the post above. Irish airfields are sorely neglected and the freeware available just isn't up to today's payware standards.

Sid said...

Love the Mclaren Technology Centre in the 2nd pic, with the yin and yang architecture!

Sid said...

And really looking forward to Welshpool! Wales needs some more loving so great news Heiko!

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