Monday, November 11, 2013

QualityWings Ulitimate 787 update!

FSX/P3D. As I am nice and settled into my Sunday afternoon nap, I get startled by my iPhone which starts going crazy. Friends texting me, ADX readers Facebook messaging, and emailing... What's going on?? Turns out, QualityWings has some pretty big news. Thanks to all of you for waking me up for this. Always a pleasure. Corey of QWSim has provided a status update on the Ultimate 787 stating the entire crew is back to work on the aircraft after the release of the 146. There is no definitive release date but the team assures us things are progressing. Here are a few things we can expect. This aircraft will be much more systems complex than previous QW releases but will still be friendly for the non hardcore simmer. Both 787-8 and -9 will be included and with the exception of less than 10 switches in the flightdeck, all switches, buttons, handles will have interface. Lastly, a shot with those massive LCD's active! Thanks again to everyone for the tipoff! Here is the full statement.
Also look for Captain Hoffen's QW146 review shortly on deck! 

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