Monday, November 11, 2013

Majestic Q400 PRO edition - fly with your friends!

FSX. Work continues on the next evolution of the Majestic Q400 - The PRO edition.  The Pro edition is slated to include 2D panels, a HGS (heads up guidance system), TCS, greater system depth with a customizable failure system and a shared cockpit facility.  It also appears that fixes and upgrades are still continuing on the Pilot edition as well.  Majestic says that the Pro edition is still in the development/testing phase but the question is: will you be upgrading when the time comes?

Pilot edition owners are to receive a special upgrade price upon purchasing the Pro edition which will be a cool 74.95 Euros when all is said and done.  Majestic certainly is packing in a lot more features to justify the cost and when you think about it, that is an impressive feat considering how advanced the Pilot edition is!

Along with their status update, Majestic showed some shared cockpit and failure features in action:

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