Monday, November 11, 2013

ADX Exclusive: joerlend Oslo!

FSX/P3D. As we near the end of 2013, I think back to all the amazing releases we had this year. When all listed, it's hard to think that our hobby could be dying in any way. It's been an absolutely amazing year packed with awesome addons. With less than 2 months left, 2013 still has some goodies up it's sleeve. One of them being the fully reworked Oslo Gardermoen from joerlend. Could this be the last mega airport release before years end? The developer is indeed aiming for release before the Christmas tree lights up. And in case anyone is wondering, along with other current and new projects in the works, Jo is indeed returning to Trondheim for another spiffy remake! In the mean time, he has been very kind to shoot over some exclusive shots to help hold ADX fans over. Really great work here. Enjoy!

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Andrew said...

Nice stuff... hope it performs better than its predecessor... though I expect it shall...


Sea Urchin said...

Release is possibly within this month. Source: forums

jencas said...

I think Fiumicino will be released first

Sander said...

Great, looking forward to this. There's just no realistic enough scenery for Gardermoen yet.

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