Monday, November 11, 2013

FSDevConf schedule announced!

[Live Events] What is FSDevConf? FSDevConf is a fully online conference that can be watched live in streaming HD720p on both Google+ and YouTube. Viewers watching the live broadcasts will be able to interact with the speakers in Q&A sessions after each talk. The entire broadcast (including Q&A) for every session will be archived and available for viewing on both Google+ and YouTube by anyone who was not able to attend the live sessions. FSDevConf will feature talks from basic to advanced covering topics such as airport design, modeling, texturing, audio, networking, publishing and more. We encourage both active developers and those interested in developing to attend!
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FSDevConf schedule announced!
The presentation schedule of the FS Developer Conference (FSDevConf) has been announced. So have a look and put the sessions you want to attend in your agenda! The conference will be held this weekend, on November 16th and 17th.
If you have questions about one of the topics being covered, you can already send them We will make sure the question gets forwarded to the presenter. If possible the presenter will then address your question during his session.
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