Monday, November 11, 2013

Aerobridge Studios Hong Kong looking good!

XPL. Aerobridge has just revealed some images of their HD ground texturing for Hong Kong (VHHH) and it is rather stunning!  Scenery developers continue to impress as they advance the quality possible with texturing and modeling.  What I really like about what Aerobridge has done here is the 'pallet' of the textures, meaning the color, saturation and contrast.  They have done a great job with the saturation and contrast in my opinion.  Also of note is how many good airports are just out or in the pipeline for the middle and far east!  As mentioned, the 777 drivers will have plenty of places to check into and of great quality too.  Until then, enjoy the shots of Aerobridge's work including the hand painted shadows!


Philip said...

this is for FSX? i thought it was only for xplane?

DAndre Newman said...

Yes corrected. It's X-Plane.

Peter said...

You sure this is for FSX mate? Looks like X-Plane... either way I can't wait for it.

Ian G said...

That will teach me to post before my coffee. My apologies!

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