Sunday, November 10, 2013

ActiveSky Next interface!

FSX. The newest evolution in the ActiveSky series is probably my most eagerly awaited release on the horizon and we now have some interface images from the beta to show.  Some of the features being mentioned are pretty mind blowing- things like in cloud detection which enables ASN to know when you are in a cloud and reduce visibility and add icing and/or turbulence accordingly.  Sounds like truly dynamic weather 'depiction' finally!  

If you aren't up to speed with what all ASN is going to bring here is some information from HiFi themselves:

Beta interface shots:


Unknown said...

Can't wait !!

Live Wire said...

Ain't competition wonderful !

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for this release and thanx ADX for keeping us up to speed as always, I really enjoy your blog.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your kind words, but please do not select anonymous to comment.

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