Wednesday, October 16, 2013

sim720: doing big things!

FSX. The name sim720 is no stranger to many of us. Perhaps best known for their products created under the Orbx name, sim720 is not 1 person but several developers. The team has now launched their own site and is in the process of developing several products including sceneries and missions. I did speak with one of the developers today that assured me all current projects for Orbx are still on schedule. Come have a look at what's in the pipeline including Caernarfon in Wales which has impressive detail! Thanks to Sam Hudson for the tipoff!
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Unknown said...

OrbX seems not very happy about it. They deleted my post with screenshot's of Oban at their forum. I asked about it at their general forum and it got deleted as well. Now that's a way to handle stuff and treat your customers. If JV handles his employee's like this I can understand why they went independent.

Unknown said...

Love Orbxs' products, but must agree with you; they always seem to throw their toys out the pram rather easily.
I could understand it if Orbx were developing Oban too...they aren't so whats the issue?!?

Unknown said...

I don't think it is an unreasonable response. After all SIM720 are probably now direct competitors to Orbx, and they have certain forum policies not to advertise competitors products on their forum. This is fair enough I guess. Perhaps they could have sent you a quick note as to why the posts were removed for your benefit (if they didn't already).

Danny said...

The Orbx forums have always been for Orbx products. Now SIM720 are out on their own and doing sceneries under their own name, and not under the Orbx brand it is kind of "fair" that they're not allowed to have SIM720 product promoted on the Orbx forums. JV had a post which ADX picked up and published which outlines the position - sounded pretty reasonable.

Sid said...

Fantastic...Wales gets another great quality airport :-) Good luck with the new ventures Sim 720 and with the Orbx work too! The more good developers around, the better. There's so many voids to fill for world sceneries that there's plenty of room for all I'm sure.

Sam Hudson said...

Hope you guys enjoy the new Welsh airport, certainly is a beauty to fly around! Feel free to pop over to our forums as well!

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