Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Budapest for FS9 should fit under the tree...

FS9. I am an avid user of FS9 and in the past I have been coined an FS9nerwiner because of my past constant whining (lobying) to get new products into FS9. But these days, I am known as the P3D guy! I always hated FSX and have avoided it like the plague. I thank the good lord for the good folks at Lockheed Martin for their money, sweat, and efforts developing P3D V2. This military contractor just might be the savior of the FS hobby. But till that V2 makes it way to me, FS9 is still 50% responsible for my simming needs and as such, I cant wait to get LHSim's LHBP into the classic platform. According to the team, it should be ready by Christmas. And if you haven't already, see my review of this amazing scenery addon in P3D HERE

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