Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Carenado 1900D livery tests!

FSX/P3D. There is a little void in my heart that PMDG filled all those years ago when they released their 1900C. They then released the 1900D and my prop flying life was complete. Back then, the 1900C and D made up of the only 2 prop aircraft I ever flew. They were the first that opened the door to prop flying for me in FS and once I discovered Carenado, the rest was history. But then P3D came into my life and changed everything I ever thought I loved about flying prop aircraft flying. So imagine my surprise when I first learned Carenado was bringing the 1900D back to my simming world. Now let's just hope they bring the 1900C cargopod back too. Once again, my void will be complete... well, till I dig another hole I need filled. I love aircraft you see, I am digging these holes I call voids all the time. Sigh, it will never end...
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Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, it's a very ugly airplane.. too much forehead.. sorry! Waiting for the Phenom anxiously...

Unknown said...

their planes are beautifully modeled and that could be enough for some people, but their cockpit's systems rendition is sub par and as such I will NEVER buy a single addon from them until they hire a decent coder and upgrade their G1000 or whatever.

Unknown said...

Yes, I think we all know that Carenado aren't for systems junkies. That isn't their customer base. But it will never end....great looking airplane btw.

Unknown said...

I too hope for improvement on systems, but I would still purchase the 1900 as it will be the only one that supports P3D and is not over 6 years old as well.
Thanks for the Air Canada variant BTW Carenado!

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