Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sim Physics X released!

[FS Utilities] After months of development, Flight Simulator Platform Solutions has released Sim Physics X for FSX and P3D. Sim Physics X is a multi-function application which includes numerous functions in one product which also brings missing functionality to FS and gives extra gadgets to your older add-on aircraft allowing older addons to advance to "Next Generation" status, while expanding your takeoff and landing experience, with upgraded sound and visual effects. Check it out!

List of features:
FSPS – Sim Physics X/P3D
  • Implements to FS ice accumulation on your aircraft. Using complex theoretic models adds or remove ice to your aircraft in relation to the weather conditions. No more a single “ICE DETECTED” in your display. You will have to handle it.
  • Ice accumulation can produce drag, extra weight on the aircraft, and even alters the pilot's inputs in the control surfaces to simulate the controls deficiency.
  • Implements to FS corrected Brakes behaviour under the new developed Brakes System. Your brakes now get hotter if you use them – related to your aircraft mass , the brake's disc surface and speed while braking - , this affects their performance – the hotter , the least brake performance, locking up your wheels will result now in less friction as in reality, brakes can get cooler if you leave your wheels hanging out for a bit while airborne. All combined with enhanced sound effects for normal braking and wheels lock – up, sounds that will play in volume related to the aircraft speed.
  • Implements to FS corrections to aircraft performance for Accelerating into the runway for takeoff and for deceleration when landing (or aborting takeoff). It now takes into account brake's temperature, runway surface type, and runway condition in terms of water-snow or ice contamination. Friction changes as any of the above factors change and this makes every takeoff and landing a unique experience!
  • Runway contamination and the changed friction on the runway is now directly related to the precipitation rate. Until now all kinds of raining or snowing – no matter how much – was the same in FS.
  • Implementation of Anti – Skid feature for all aircrafts. No more jealous to expensive aircraft add-ons that emulates this.
  • Integration of previously released Runway Bumping Effect, with perfected logic and expanded the simulation of producing sound and visual effects when passing over the runway centreline lights, by putting ,not only the nose wheel but all 3 set of wheels. Not just an effect on rolling down the runway with a plain sound played in bigger volume as you accelerate. Calculation in centimetre precision of centreline , lights, and each wheels position, measuring the distance covered, will give you a perfectly simulated effect passing over each light on the runway.
  • Integration of 3D Cockpit Effects – previously released by FSPS – with expanded characteristics. In 3D cockpit view mode you can now enjoy:
  • Head movement for spoilers/flaps/gear expansion when airborne dependant on Airspeed and never the same, head movement for cloud and air turbulence, head movement during rolling in the runway, during main gear touchdown, and nose wheel touchdown depending on how soft or hard the landing was. Head movement on every passing a centreline runway light.
    Not compatible ,yet, with 3rd party head-moving software as we use the same technology and conflicts may occur. However you can set our 3D effects to off if you want to enjoy it via another program.
  • Expanded sound effects: For braking, locking up the wheels (the squealing sound) , for rolling, for flaps/spoilers/gear extensions in air, for passing over every runway light. The effect's volume, pitch and frequency is dependent or aircraft's speed and in braking category by brake's temperature also, so it is not just a silly sound played when an event is triggered.
  • Real – Time Charts that monitor crucial aircraft systems.
  • Airport Information screen that represents numerous airport and runway data, plus a detailed weather data screen.
  • Aircraft Information screen that represents all crucial and integrated in Sim Physics X/P3D system feedback.
  • Easy, step-by-step, Sim Physics X/P3D configurator.
  • Next Generation button click, browser like, Application menu. You can never get lost in such a friendly environment.
  • Multi unit display (Hybrid-Europe, US, Metric systems that you can choose from)
  • All Sim Physics X/P3D subsystems can be turned on and off, fully customizable settings menu.
  • Application's auto update possibility.
  • License Transfer automation. No need to contact support anymore if you want to install the program in a second (or the same updated) computer.
  • 70+ pages Highly Detailed PDF Manual.
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Unknown said...

I once bought their fsx optimizing BS software
I will NEVER buy any of their products ever again. heck, I wouldn't install them if they were offered for free either.

Unknown said...

Sounds interesting, but I'm somewhat reluctant to pay a relatively high price before I learn more on how it interacts with high-end aircraft like the NGX, MJC Dash8, 777, etc...

Tmilitairke said...

@ Josh

well said! its all BS they produce. Pls people dont buy this.

Anonymous said...

Same here !

Unknown said...

Also this is not a newly released product - it has been out for several months. Many have compared it to A2A's AccuFeel, which does much of the same at a much lower price.

wideloadwhitford said...

The video doesn't do the product justice. The only thing close to seeing it was the control panel working and a bump effect. No thank you.

FS.Nerd said...

What same here ha? It looks like this time realy good friend, no performance tweak stuff, raw FSX handling from a own programm likewise A2A!!! It brings fun and a new flight feeling -for all your addons. its cool with the 777 737 from PMDG, CS, Aerosoft etc. . I belive they have a 14 day refund..

Pedro said...

well the developer doesn't need defending, but I searched on youtube, and there's a video about "breaks and heat" video and what affect on a plane this program has.
Imo, it actually seems quite good, and ads a level o realism that's missing on fsx.

T.J. Streak said...


I had a bad experience with their FSX Booster. After paying for it and installing it, it kept on nagging me to update it. However, the update would not recognize my serial number.

I got the serial number back after opening a dispute with PayPal. A number of other people had the same complaint, but all of those negative comments have been scrubbed from SimMarket.

David Nunes said...

I guess the P3D in the name makes it 'new'. Per SimMarket, released 10/6/2013.
I have the FSX version from 2 months ago, but haven't installed it yet. Too lazy to uncheck the items that overlap with A2A Accu-Feel - at least for now.
Sounds interesting.

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