Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another update on the Metroliner.

FSX. Razbam is still in the midst of working on some issues and improvements with the Metroliner. Besides this, the aircraft is technically in pre-beta with pre-order customers waiting on said beta. Today the team has released a slew of new development preview shots to hold you over. Have a look! Latest developer statement included.

Note from Razbam: "Metroliner heads-up: Folks we promised to have a flying beta for today and unfortunately we are unable to comply. We have a flying aircraft but cockpit functionality and textures are not ready. We have been working nearly 10 hours per day on this aircraft trying to meet our schedule but some stuff like the SRL computer went over budget (time budget, not money) and delayed everything. Right now ou...r delay is in the textures department. We don't want to deliver a functional aircraft with so-so textures, so we are working to deliver the best we can before the final product. We have rescheduled the beta rollout for this Wednesday October 9th. I'll be posting a video of the aircraft working and flying so you can see the current state."

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Sid said...

Seems like a very professional, timely, humble and refreshingly honest announcement in my opinion. Razbam consumers couldn't ask for more really....and it must be encouraging to hear that they're improving things to have the product as good as they can get it prior to release. I personally never have an issue, and even love it, when I hear a product is needed to be delayed for such a reason....just means you can really look forward to a more solid overall product. Thank you Razbam for the communication and DAndre for bringing it to us here.

Unknown said...

As good as this new development looks, it was very visible early on that the textures were just nowhere near the quality of Carenado or similar.

It's very positive to hear that the developer has recognized this and is taking appropriate action. I only hope that the textures on the final product will not let the rest of what the Metroliner has to offer down, and that this will be as awesome as we all anticipate.

Martin said...

Looking very good this one... the "ugly" I'll call it :)))
To add to the pre-release atmosphere I would like to share with you the following story (although slightly off-topic it's extremely well put together):


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