Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Queen Alia update!

FS9/FSX. A couple months ago I introduced a new developer to the community known as Contrail Simulations. They are not exactly new. Many of you may also remember an unfinished KSAN project in production by CieloSim a couple years back by the same developer. The developer has returned to the scene with 3 projects currently in development which include El Paso, Queen Alia Int'l, and an Embraer 135X. Big goals! Here is the latest!

Queen Alia Int'l in development FS9/FSX


Todd said...

El Paso? Nice, I like it! We need more nicely modeled regional airports.

Ryan said...

Adds for a fictional VA? Why? But I agree, more regional airports would be good. Reno did well in the flightbeam poll despite people thinking they were fake votes, the fakes ended up being MPS and SLC.

Codey Wynne said...

Arabian is providing the funds and resources to make the Queen Alia Int'l project possible.

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