Monday, October 7, 2013

Airline2Sim update!

[FS Utilities] The Airline2Sim Cadet course is just a weeks away and First Officer training program is now in production. The First Officer training program will be much more extensive and picks up from where the Cadet course finishes. At this point, you would have learned the basics of the Q400 which would enable you to properly run checklists, flows, start-up, taxi, takeoff, and land safely. You will learn how to load the aircraft and have mastered safe operation of the autopilot. After completion of the course, you should have thorough knowledge of proper operations and should feel quite comfortable with the Q400′s quirks. Have a look at the details that will be covered in the First Officer training course below.

What Airline2Sim will cover in the First Officer course:
  • Introduction to Props – when you put the props to ‘Disc’ or into idle or reverse, what’s actually happening? We will show you.
  • Winter Operations – a Q400 flies through the weather as unlike a jet, it rarely climbs high enough to avoid it. Ice, snow and freezing fog can ruin your day. We’ll keep you safe with a full session devoted to winter operations, including a full line flight across the Alps through the worst winter weather Europe can throw at you.
  • Low Visibility Operations – The Q400 can do almost nil-visibility landings given the right airfield and navigation aids. But landing is only half the story. At a big airport the real hazards are on the ground in thick fog. We’ll show you how real crews cope with it.
  • Heavy Winds – The Q400 operates to many short regional airfields on islands and other places with vicious crosswinds and windshear. Let us show how to operate the aircraft safely when the winds separate the men from the boys!
  • NDB Approaches – perhaps the one approach that truly intimidates is the NDB. No glide slope, no Localizer and only a single needle to keep you out of the granite if you get it wrong. We’ll show you how it’s done in the Q400.
  • Tuning Nav Aids – We’re so used to flying SIDS and STARS in NAV mode, we forget it’s important to tune the radios to provide backup against the automatics failing, as rare as it is. But with a multitude of VORs, NDBs, fixes and radials to tune and remember it’s often easier not to bother. We’ll clear this up for you with a demonstration of a few complicated instrument departures.
  • Flying Raw Data – You’re flying a Q400 with only one FMC (as many of them have – two FMCs is a factory option!) and the FMC has failed. You’ve been tasked with positioning the aircraft back to the maintenance base to have a new FMC fitted, but will have to fly without the aid of the FMC and the map mode for the departure SID. Once you’ve learned how to tune the various radios, VORs and radials in, how do you actually then fly that in the Q400? We’ll show you.
  • Line Flying – now you’ve learned some more advanced flying, we go back on the line for a couple more real time flights where plenty of challenges will await us. Remember that fuel planning we did before departing? Let’s hope we got it right, as we’re going to need every last kilogram of fuel on today’s flight….
First Officer Training will be available by the end of 2013

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Nicolas Hu said...

This looks pretty awesome! I just hope the price isn't too high for each training level.

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