Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Flight Sim X Reality: very funny!

[FS Videos] Jordi Blumberg tipped me off to a very funny video that shows the reality of flight simulation. If you read my recent review of LHSimulations Budapest, I created a bit of a story of what life would be like if we actually lived in the simulator. This video covers it perfectly! The airport is Compton south of Los Angeles. The city courthouse is clearly visible in the background. Several years ago I spent a very painful 8 days there on jury duty. But as they never went to trial, it was spent all in the hallways... without pay... A great thing about this airport, is their program for inner city youth teaching them to fly and keeping them off the streets and out of gangs. I'm off topic! Watch the video! 

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Drzewiecki Design said...

Ha ha! Great! :D

Dave W said...

I love the little things only simmers would understand - like the other aircraft tags! V funny - thanks for alerting us to the vid

Unknown said...

slew mode xD

Tmilitairke said...

good one :D

David Nunes said...

That's hilarious. Love the AI traffic callout.

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