Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MSE UltraResCities Boston released!

FSX/P3D. Mega Scenery Earth is quite known for both volumes of their US high-res photo sceneries. The development team then moved out of the US for the first time to focus on Switzerland. You can see the ADX review of that product by E.K. Hoffen HERE. This time however, the team has taken to developing photoreal cities in high resolution quality. The first on the list to be released is Boston. Have a look!

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Unknown said...

I have to wonder how well this would work in combination with FTX? Mega's aerial imagery has always been nice, but just in my opinion, fell "flat" (pun intended) and didn't give a good 3D feeling while flying. I suppose if you need decent imagery just so it's there and to replace the outdated FSX imagery, it's a good buy.

IFR7700 said...

I bought this yesterday. It is amazing. I'm flying around Boston and it feels like I'm really there. I think all my flights will either start or end in Boston, till they come out with another city.

Unknown said...

Is it possible to combine like a mesh scenery with photorealistic tiles such as this ?
I've always been a fan of photo realistic sceneries but as mentioned before, they feel too "flat" for my liking and thus affecting the complete realism of flying..
having said that, this scenery looks fantasitc, and I do plan on purchasing it this weekend.

Unknown said...

It doesnt work with FTX region scenery directly, as far as I know.

Unknown said...


Yes, photoreal scenery works perfectly fine with terrain mesh add-ons. Just install both and they should fit together well without any issue.

chino said...


Did u fly it at night or other seasons? Or are these lacking too as in MSE..

Unknown said...

Rendering seasons in photoreal imagery quadruples the size of the package. One season is 14GB, 4 seasons would be well over 50GB. It is not overly practical, plus the source imagery is generally only available in one season. Default night lights or UTX lights appear through during evening hours.

chino said...

Size doesn't matter to me. Quality does.

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