Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Introducing: Real Earth X!

FSX/P3D. Here is yet another FS development company that has flew under the radar. Real Earth X is an Italian development team with landclass products as their primary focus. Announced just a couple days ago, the team is also looking at reviving ISD's (remember ISD?) LIPX, Verona to be fully compatible and updated in FSX. The site is somewhat confusing but I will say based on what I have seen thus far, there is some real talent here. There are some freeware products available.  If anyone has the scoop on this team, please let me know. Check it out and thanks to Adi Sahar for the tipoff!

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Unknown said...

What's special about these guys, is that they actually add and model key elements in their sceneries, making some of the mountains look incredibly real! as demonstrated here:

Pierre Fevrier said...

Real Earth X has been around for a while. They've been releasing sceneries published by FSaddon, focused on the Italian Alps and Dolomites. Really high quality stuff. Their mountains are the best you'll see. Do you guys remember Franck Dainese? He came out with lots of mountain freeware sceneries (alps, Tetons, Everest, K2, etc) some years ago. I believe he is a part of that company. Anyway, I own quite a few of their stuff and love it!

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