Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Prepar3D. Some official news!

P3D. As many of us are well aware, there has been some info floating about the various sites and forums regarding the official feature list of the upcoming P3D v2.0. Out of respect for the team and the folks we have been in touch with, putting this info on ADX would have not been a respectful thing to do. The good news is, there is an official update from the team regarding 2.0.  Obviously 2.0 has many new and exciting features and the team will begin to highlight this info on their developer blog just started today. The spotlight of the first P3D blog entry will be regarding DirectX11. Mighty good news indeed! Check it out! We are also in the process of interviewing the P3D development team. Thanks as always to Jerome!
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Unknown said...

That is just so sick. I am just hoping that some of the developers gets their head out from between their legs and pursuits this. I cannot begin to say how long I have waited to see something like this with the same basic principles we use currently in FSX

Kevin Firth said...

Sick just doesn't even begin to vaguely cover what this means.. :p

Elliot Westacott said...

I think the biggest surprise is that its in BETA and they are looking to release this year! Never thought it would be this close! Very happy!

Anonymous said...

Beta version is leaked already and people using it. It's a shame that unfinished version is out there. They should have protected it if you consider that they are working under LM.

Unknown said...

This should be a sticky at the top of the news D'Andre!
nothing more exciting and interesting as this :)

if one is stupid enough to be using a beta version of such a product so be it

Unknown said...

My only pet peeve is that hobbyists can't legally purchase P3D, which is truly a shame if you ask me. Why didn't Microsoft stipulate in the sale to LM that if hobbyists want to purchase there should be no restriction?

Unknown said...

This is the biggest News of 2013 :)

David Nunes said...

You mean I can leave all of my 600 FSX scenery entries all activated at once?......and not turn on only 2 at a time! Yipppeeeeee!

FS.Nerd said...

EVERYONE WHO USE THIS LEAKED P3D "Beta" Versions on the Bay´s will get a Bad Wake up Call after the Official Release Belive me!!! You fu**ed with LM and not like Aerosoft.

And btw. its a unstable very early Beta Build what only runs smooth with Nvida DX11 Cards. So you get 5-10 FPS with Default and all candy´s turned off. With Sim-Physics you will actualy get a better Sim as with this "Trojan-Horse"

Danny said...

I didn't think there was anything stopping anyone (except the cost) from buying the professional version if you had a problem purchasing the student edition.

Unknown said...

China - Please reverse engineer FSX, bring it up to standard, buy out FTX, Aerosoft, PMDG, Carenado etc and make loads of money which is what Microsoft should have done. Leave P3D in the dust.

Oh, and then I woke up !!

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