Saturday, October 12, 2013

FS TalkShow! Is live!

[LiveEvents] I've been getting involved in live streaming events quite a bit recently and I must say, it's becoming quite popular indeed! So a few of us got together and decided to create an official channel with regularly scheduled broadcasts. The logo is a work in progress but the first event is set! Come have a look at the guest lineup and event details. And no, twitch registration is not required to view but if you wish to get involved and interact with us, it's recommended!
ADX>>Live event ended!

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IFR7700 said...

I wish you the very best of luck with your inaugural event as I truly enjoy these types of live discussions.

Unknown said...

I just want the big companies , mainly pmdg, to support P3D V2 because if they don't, we would have a bad bad time switching between the two platforms.

Kevin Firth said...

Can you watch these offline? I downloaded the twitch app but searching for FSTalkShow had no hits... And I don't get the opportunity to be online right when the event is live.

Unknown said...

Guys, in 30 minutes it is just 1700UTC ...

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