Friday, October 11, 2013

Airline2Sim preview trailer released!

[FS Utilities] This is the type of FS training program I have been waiting 10+ years to experience. Besides that, finally I can not only properly learn to fly my Majestic Q400, I can also receive a proper virtual type rating by an actual Q400 pilot. After proceeding through the "Cadet" and "First Officer" training courses, many of us should be able to step into a real world Q400, and carry out the proper procedures. It's training programs like Airline2Sim that makes us real pilots without the licenses. See the trailer! I also added Froogle Pete's thoughts.
From Froogle:

"Ben Weston reached out to me this morning to point out Airline2Sim's trailer for their upcoming Dash 8 training video series is now live. 

 Airline2Sim still have some way to go I think before the training is complete but it's looking quite promising, combining the talents of Ben, Ronald Griffin (you may remember him from the FS2Crew trailer videos) and real pilots to produce a training package that ultimately gives you guys a high quality alternative to Angle of Attack. 

 I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product of course, but also to seeing what this new competition in the market does to drive forward high quality pay-per-training stuff in the sim world. 


Great work there Ronald!1

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Unknown said...

Wow! That's what I call a stunning trailer. Sold.

Unknown said...

the training contains real world videos.. I dont see the point in this, as it will not leave time for the actually teaching of the instruments and what they are meant for, which is the reason why I had bought the product in the first place...
Also, it would be nice to a have a forum where CUSTOMERS could ask the pilot involved in the productions questions about parts of the training less clear to them.

Unknown said...

Josh there isn't any real life footage in the training, this is the teaser trailer and intro. Things are full on, from the beginning to the end. In 3 entire line flights we get to admire the view out of the window for a sum total of 25 seconds! Trust me, it's busy.

Unknown said...


IFR7700 said...

As a bonus, they're not asking you to buy the training before it's finished. This looks like the bar is being raised in video flight sim training. It needs to, as free videos on youtube, by great talent like froogle are top-notch.

Unknown said...

well then, you just got yourself another customer.

Pirx said...

The video is really amazing, about the bests I have seen. It seems to be a very good product and the plane choosen coultn't be better.

In the last AirdailyX live they talk about the product and I had good impressions, I will buy for sure.

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