Saturday, October 12, 2013

FlyTampa St. Maarten V1.5 released!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Huge update from our friends at FlyTampa! Toronto, check. Copenhagen, check. Sydney, check. St. Maarten update? Check! One of the most popular classic products from the FT guys is back! With all the Caribbean airports arriving lately, it's nice to see the most popular destination in the region get a complete face lift and update! So what have the guys done? Well they re-modeled and re-textured the SABA airport terrain, improved the textures at Maho Beach, updated and added new higher-res ground detail textures, and added compatibility for Prepar3D while improving compatibility with the DX10 preview mode with the use of Steve's DX10 fixer (Required for end users.) But did they stop there? Nope! Mr. Mark Smith, beer is on me!

St Maarten Version 1.5 (FSX & P3D)

Removed old TNCM Terminal, added new Ramp "C".
Re-modeled and re-textured SABA airport terrain.
New higher-res ground detail Textures (TNCM).
Updated Aerial Ground Textures (TNCM).
Improved Maho Beach Texture.
Improved volumetric grass.
Updated 3D People.
Added custom IK Jetways.
New Runway Lighting.
Improved AI Ships compatibility.
Added compatibility for Prepar3D.
Improved compatibility with DX10 Preview Mode (Steve's DX10 Fixer Required).
Includes all previous Updates (Runway 10/28 etc).

The downloads below are V1.5 Full-Installers and will require that you input your original Serial Key. Any legit Serial will work, even if you purchased TNCM for FS9 six years ago. If you have an older version of TNCM currently installed, removing it should not be necessary unless you renamed or moved the TNCM folder around (Addon Scenery/FlyTampa-Maarten).

[St Maarten Complete (TNCM, TFFJ, SABA) ... P3D_15.exe

[St Maarten (TNCM only) ... P3D_15.exe
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Unknown said...

YES! Thanks FlyTampa.

Unknown said...

The one good thing about what ORBX is doing these days with more animation is now trickling down through the other devs causing quite a bit of competition. I love it.

bstikkel said...

Just wondering,,, are these 2D or 3D people figures ?

Unknown said...

2d ? gone are the days of FS9 sceneries.

Unknown said...

FlyTampa can stand on their own. They didn't have to do this but they did. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

3d animated people..

Sid said...

Thank you Fly Tampa! I had been secretly hoping you might update this most fantastic destination one day...Its still one of the best and now refreshed to today's standards! Just fantastic news to read...really made my day! You're still the kings of sceneries and TNCM is right back up there where it belongs! Love all the work their doing in various areas around the world too. They're no-brainers as soon as they're 1 purchases all! These guys really still set the benchmark for me by quite some all sorts of ways when all is considered....from the choice of destinations realised (all perfect) to the 1st rate quality and performance of them. Sheer bliss!!! Can't wait to watch those red dots gradually populate that map over the years.

Unknown said...

The description says FS9 (FS9/FSX/P3D. Huge update...) but there is no FS9 update right?

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