Thursday, October 31, 2013

FlightBeam Denver! First shot!

FSX/P3D. FlightBeam Studios is a development company everyone has come to highly respect. What is really cool about Mir, if you have been following him closely, he presents never before seen technology and innovations with each new release. Denver will be no exception. Here is his latest statement on the project: "Gate B35, Denver Intl. FSX screenshot work-in-progress, a few things missing, such as gate numbers and ground lines. Everything you see inside the terminal is actually modeled, it's not a flat reflection. Currently KDEN is approximately 20-40% more detailed than KIAD on the gate-side, maintaining superior performance." Awesome news!

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Golden Star said...


I hope their secret project is somewhere in Asia. (if only)

Elliot Westacott said...

Really really hoping its WSSS!

josh said...

I hope not.

The pic looks amazing, but then again everything FB produces is.

Unknown said...

There's ImagineSim WSSS available.

Chris said...

I understand that every designer wants to top his previous work and that is fine. However, every new detail will increase the VAS-load, therefore the risk of an OOM-CTD. We all have to accept that there are certain hard limits for FSX. Flight simulation will always be a compromise between detail and perfomance, both FPS and VAS-wise. With our improving hardware nowadays, IMO, the OOM-problem has become more important than FPS.
I hope FB keeps this development in mind when adding more and more details.

Elliot Westacott said...

Have it and hate it - terrible ground textures make it virtually unusable for me. The buildings are pretty good but would love a Flightbeam attempt

Unknown said...

I very sure Mir of FB is aware of this when adding detail. He's also aware P3D v2.0 will be much better at managing VAS with DX11 than we have seen in the past with DX9 and even DX10. This change will have a significant improvement with regards to OOM errors. Still possible with DX11, but way more headroom.

Sid said...

Hope so Thad but I think for those who won't be able to change sim platform immediately for obvious reasons, I'm sure there are some out there, it would be good if Mir keeps in mind that there'll still be some using FSX as well as P3D 1.x and P3D 2.x, just to keep our hobby as inclusive as possible. But I'm sure you're right...Mir is pretty sensible and I'm sure, as you say, he's always aware of performance in his high quality works.

Sid said...

Warning...Its not going to be short this one guys...sorry so please just ignore and don't forget, feel free to move worries at all...or make a snide comment if it helps worries at all also...But I'm just going to express my own personal, yes personal, thoughts at this time...Just some information and views for the guys above really...

WSSS (IS)...Have it & hate it too Elliot. Agree with your opinion on it... Like you and Golden Star, I too was hoping the secret project was going to be WSSS (or at least another large international airport in Asia) as its such an important hub in the real world and so useful to many flight simmers who wish to fly the FTX Global enhanced world (when complete) and connect between Asia, Europe and Oceania or even fly shorter flights in the region. When Mir originally hinted its far from everywhere, at that time WSSS made sense as a high possibility...Alternatively I thought it might have been Jo'burg or Cape Town as these are indeed far from everywhere. They were just my guesses...Guesses!

From what I've seen lately on the FB forums, the news is mixed. Unfortunately (for some of us) this particular secret international project doesn't appear to be in Asia at all, as so many had hoped for and previously requested/commented. The upside, however, is that it is in the EU (though Aerosoft and others seem to have a lot of that already covered or are in the process of continuing to do so). That said, whatever Mir makes inside and particularly outside the US is something I'm personally really looking forward to and its his prerogative to decide what he wants to take on...I love and own 2 of his US airports already and plan on the other 2 also but then its looking towards any of the also much-needed international sceneries he chooses to attempt to tackle, such as this intriguing secret project that I'm most excited about at this stage...I think that not type-casting himself to one region alone would be great for Mir and FB in the long game (though he'll do just fine whatever he decides as a roadmap for FB's future) and FB could easily become the top name for the best quality international large/hub airport developer in the world with the great hub and 'super-hub' airports of the world carrying the Flightbeam logo which would become Number 1 in that area of really large airports anywhere in the world. Really would be so useful for many in the long game. My thoughts are the EU airport could well be Amsterdam Schipol, which would be a very good choice...its certainly a major hub in need of some up-to-date quality rendition. Though not in the EU, I also think Istanbul's Ataturk could also have been a really good choice too for someone capable of making really large hub airports to such quality levels...So many runways...A gateway between 2 continents on the borders of Europe and Asia...would make a very useful hub and probably good for both simmers wanting airports in Asia and in Europe. Its also an increasingly important major hub in the real world. Would also be magnificent to see it realised in the FS virtual world.

Sid said...

Continued...All the above said, its no secret, as with you and a few others I know Elliot, a good quality WSSS is our personally most desirable airport on the international scene, and at least more airports in Asia. I hope one day, Mir would consider taking up such a challenge...would be so cool to see what a Flightbeam airport looks like in such a different environment...the different textures, different architecture, the different look and feel, yet the same quality and performance. Anyway, needless to say really, these are only my personal long-term roadmap wishes that I hope could be included into the broader road map for Flightbeam some day in the future, if Mir fancies a little change once in a while. Though many may and do get me wrong (usually from not reading my words as they actually are and making too many false assumptions), I personally do also want to have the big US airports too. So this news on Denver is fabulous.

Of course, I know and totally appreciate many others wish for other airports or even US-only airports and I totally respect their own views, wishes, hopes, desires and simulation needs...I'd hope that they could also in turn respect my wishes to comment on what I'd personally desire too but, if I'm honest, which I always can't help but be, I don't really care a bit about the few that simply can't, don't or won't and it really does not matter frankly. They don't need to read if it bothers them...that's everyone's choice...Simply scroll a mouse wheel a few times to the next comment...That's what I'd do if I wasn't interested in a topic being discussed...nothing wrong with that. Anyway...blah blah...enough already...

This is in fact great news to hear and see how KDEN is progressing so well and it is going to be a sheer pleasure to fly...its an airport I've also really wanted for quite some time...located at the foot of the Rockies in such a beautiful setting. Really looking forward to more preview shots as development continues and, as always, best of luck to Mir in showcasing yet more new tech or some new feature to us all again, as is almost becoming a 'trademark' of his.

Cheers for the opportunity to share my thoughts and those with maturity.
All the best to you all,

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