Thursday, October 31, 2013

King Abdulaziz. Update!

FS9/FSX Saudi-Arabia is an forgotten country in the FS World. This is something that is going to change, Here are the first shots released by Mohammed of the King Abdulaziz International Airport. The scenery will be payware and as seen at the first shots, it's looking very good.


DEVENDRA said...


Harry Rabinowitz said...

I personally can't wait to land my pork chop filled 777 freighter at King Abdulaziz International, and yes, you guys messed up on the spelling.

Sid said...

Its sad when people bring religious hatred into our niche but wonderful, inclusive and global flight simulation hobby Harry. Come on mate...It only reflects ugliness on the personality making such comments unfortunately and brings nothing constructive or useful to flight simulation, only division and childish nonsense. Its just a real pity when things are brought to such low levels as religious hatred, racism or any other type of hatred for that matter. I know you don't like my saying so but, just as you had to make such a comment, I too had to make mine and I can only hope you can self-reflect, realise the needlessness of such silliness in our hobby and just quickly move on to showing the better side of yourself, which I'm sure you have buddy, as do we all. Anyway, moving on...

Just wanted to welcome you to the editorial team Mr. Rick Winkelman...its great to see someone who has the time to make such a commendable commitment as DAndre so devotedly does for us. Remember, its early days so stick at it and good luck with it all, with finding your way and furthering and fine-tuning your skills mate. Great start :-)

Thanks for bringing us the news on this...Looks very promising at this stage, modelling-wise...and we could always do with another good quality airport in populating areas like Asia, Africa & middle east which have so much void to fill in this FTX Global age...Not forgetting South America. Best of luck with it all and look forward to more news.

Kind regards,

Marco Galiari said...

I'm not sure I understand why you would term an innocent joke as religious hatred? It's not like the guy was saying he was going to force feed those pork chops to anyone.

And Rick Winkelman should check the name of his title, even though Rabinowitz pointed out that it's Abdulaziz and not Abdolaziz, nothing was corrected.

Kristian Holzhausen said...

Firstly I want to say I love this blog, even if English is not my first language I visit here every day.

You may think this is funny, but I'm not a FS pilot who flies without conscience. I don't switch off my thoughts about the world and the problems we hear about every day when I fly.

Being in Europe I can tell you that every day there is news about Syria and the refugees and how different countries in Europe are accepting the arrival of refugees in their country to offer them a better life. What is Saudi Arabia doing for their Arab neighbours, what do they do for any Syrian refugees? Even on TV here they give bank account numbers for us in the news to make donations. And what is Saudi Arabia doing? They donate dates:

I'm sorry if you feel that a joking remark was hatred, I don't see it as that. What the remark does do is make me think about that country and how many things are so very wrong about Saudi Arabia, even if you may not agree.

Unknown said...

Okay, It has taken a long time but it is changed. You all are right about checking the spelling better next time. Sorry.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome.

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