Thursday, October 31, 2013

SIM720 Catalina Airport Released!

FSX/P3D. Hmmm... Did I mention today was my birthday? And what a great present to get an airport near my home just released today! And the team has already sent me a copy. The SIM720 guys have just released Catalina airport today and I am very excited! Head over and get your copy now! Some very talented work here!

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Green1X said...

Is the runway sloped? Aerosoft version is sloped.

Todd said...

Indeed, the runway looks sloped. I just purchased this scenery and flew around the island. Scenery is well done. The visual approach to Rwy 22 was very deceiving.

Unknown said...

doubt it.

Sid said...

Great news about the sloped runway Todd! Cheers for the feedback. It sounds exhilarating mate :-)

Great to see Sim720 starting out with their own identity and adding to the list of quality developers contributing to populating the FTX Global world with more quality airports/sceneries. I'm sure we'd mostly agree this is always welcome as there's so much room for more developers with such a huge world out there to populate. This looks promising for one of their first projects and I wish them well. Hope they'll keep the scope of destinations wide and consider all parts of the world. Catalina definitely goes on my list. Thanks guys,
All the best,

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