Monday, September 30, 2013

RealAir Duke B60 V2 released!

FSX. As promised, RealAir has released the awaited update of their piston Duke B60 on time. The update includes a slew of features, there is no point in paraphrasing them in the opening paragraph here so go ahead and click for the full feature list. It does indeed look good! But I always wondered why such a good aircraft like this doesn't com equipped with modern EFIS avionics. Just imagine a G1000 in this bad boy. That would get my out of bed VERY early in the morning! Here's the full list and link:

✓ High definition 2048 pixel textures.
✓ Exterior 3D model and texture enhancements.
✓ A major update to the virtual cockpit modelling and textures, including a more detailed cabin and higher resolution textures on the panels, providing improved detail and clearer panel labels.
✓ More character and ambience in the cockpit textures, including dust and minor wear marks. Subtle details are revealed as sunlight moves across the cockpit.
✓ Custom sounds on all cockpit switches, table, doors, armrests, and more.
✓ Extensive custom camera animations simulating engine and ground vibration, overspeed and stall buffet, propeller torque reaction, landing forces, plus more.
✓ Extensive custom sounds designed to enhance the custom camera effects.
✓ Many more custom sounds and animations all designed to breathe life and character into the Duke.
✓ New exterior liveries.
✓ Five all-new panel and cabin colour schemes.
✓ 3D model and texture performance optimisation to ensure similar performance to the previous version, despite the much higher texture resolution.
✓ Multiplayer performance optimisation to allow for good performance, and trouble-free flying in multiplayer.
✓ Extensive flight model improvements.
✓ Improved, more realistically sized gauges with dust, dirt and finger marks on gauge glass (with the option of hiding these dust and dirt marks if that is your preference).
✓ Improved gauge lighting.
✓ 3D lights in exterior and VC views.
✓ 3D landing lights with custom runway light splash.
✓ Completely reworked VC night lighting.
✓ Improved click spots and the option to disable them for EZDOK camera and Track IR users.

Additional Updates and Improvements

✓ An option to keep the textures in memory for a smoother and faster transition between cockpit and exterior views.
✓ Turn coordinator bug fixed (turn coordinator allows for perfect rate-one turns).
✓ Improved VC glass texturing.
✓ Screws added to the panel face.
✓ Optional suspension and touchdown sounds for both hard and soft FSX runway surfaces.
✓ More complex generator load modelling.
✓ Improved Reality XP GNS 530 and GNS 430 integration - RXP Unlimited installations are now supported, for example 2 x GNS 530 or 2 x GNS 430 with cross-fill.
✓ Engine icing improvements.
✓ Custom pressurisation code with more realistic operation and extra controls when compared to standard FSX pressurisation.
✓ More realistic audio panel functionality.
✓ Control surfaces and yokes move realistically in response to trim commands.
✓ Control yokes and control surfaces move fluidly in response to autopilot commands.
✓ ADF dip simulated (user selectable).
✓ Three dimensional blurred propellers - the blurred propellers are not just a flat, two dimensional plate - they have depth when viewed from the side, and the propeller twist is visible even when blurred.
✓ Pilot headset added and the pilot’s head features smoother animation.
✓ Flap buffet animation (flaps gently vibrate when lowered).
✓ Optional flap failure when safe flap operating speeds are exceeded.
✓ Improved cockpit door animation. The door closes with speed, and gently buffets if not properly latched. Wind roar can be heard when the door is open and the engines are turning, even while parked.
✓ Overspeed flutter animations on the ailerons and yoke, with accompanying sounds.
✓ All switches and knobs can be operated by the mouse wheel in addition to our other interaction methods.

A note on the landing touchdown camera effect

The Version 2 B60 Duke includes an advanced touchdown thump effect that will react to the smoothness of your landing, so if you do a ‘greaser’ you will see almost no camera movement, whereas if you thump the Duke down hard while side slipping you’ll see an appropriately large movement from the view-point camera. If you prefer you can disable this feature altogether via the Duke V2 Config Panel.
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George LGAV said...

17 euros? Merci but no!

Unknown said...

To each his own, but I consider 17 euro's for an extensive update a bargain. I support Realair Simulations!

Unknown said...

Considering that Flight1 charge EUR 45 for their mediocre King Air B200, this is a complete bargain and worth every cent!

I'm so happy to see a developer focus on the flying aspect, the overall feeling of being there, the immersion and systems simulation, and I'm not left to park my aircraft somewhere to do stupid stuff like use a maintenance and repair module (Flight1 have totally lost the plot on that one).

The handling, the sounds, the modeling, everything is beautifully done, thank you RealAir!

PS Please do the turbine model next :-)

Drzewiecki Design said...

RealAir products are priceless. I really mean it. I've made a world flight on this airplane and this was one of my best FS adventures ever.

Unknown said...

George LGAV said:

"17 euros? Merci but no! "

OMG, you're kidding right? hahaha This is one of the best small payware planes you far! This plane is worth all the 17 Euros when you compare it will all that junk out there that often costs more!

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