Monday, September 30, 2013

COdE Simulations update!

FSX. We first broke news on this team and project back in March of this year. Finally, an updated look at the COdE  heli projects in development. So far the texturing work on the famous birds are looking very impressive. The COdE AS350 B2 will come in different variations and have many features. As we continue to bring you updates, we will also unveil more about the development team. Wow lots of toys coming this year! For now, enjoy these shots and much thanks to Navin! Looking mighty impressive!

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Unknown said...

never heard of them... looks nice. :)

Unknown said...

We already have the B1 and B3 Squirrel from Nemeth. Why not innovate and release something really different, like a decent AS365 N3+ or the brand new Sikorsky S-76D, with a fully-functional autopilot?

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