Sunday, September 29, 2013

NY airports are a step closer!

FS9/FSX/P3D. As we all know, the NY project by Drzewiecki Design doesn't just stop at the city. Several airports in the tri-state area are also being included as a separate package including high quality renditions of JFK, LGA, and EWR. According to Stan: "all buildings of all airports are completed. We are doing the ground work now." This means this huge project just took another step closer to completion and once completed, will have plenty to offer to 777 and 172 fans alike including all 3 platforms! Here are some past shots of the project.

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Unknown said...

With their NYC fiasco, as much as these models looks good, and they do indeed look very good, I'm not even half excited about the upcoming airports.


Drzewiecki Design said...

Josh, what do you mean by "NYC fiasco"? We sold many copies of this products and I believe at least 90% of our customers were satisfied with the 1.1 version of the product. I don't get your comment, sorry.

FS.Nerd said...

The only "thing" is the Night-Texture BUT as with Aerosoft US Cities -its near impossible make nighttextures real as get without an big impact in FPS. BUT i hope also that Stanislaw and his Team keep work on the nighttextures. The rest of NY is one of the best Scenerys we get in FSX!!! So the NY Airports wil be the same awesome-stuff like the Polish Airports.

Elliot Westacott said...

Really looking forward to this but already facing VAS issues in the NY area (no addon scenery either for NY!) after a long flight. So please please please make this easy on the VAS usage and I will get it!

Unknown said...

I'm curious how the groundpoly will look finally. That's something FSdreamteam was being criticised for.

Unknown said...

Hopefully its been performance regulated as best possible

Todd said...

If Prepared3D v2.0 is what people are saying it is, this scenery will be right at home.

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