Thursday, September 12, 2013

Orbx Queenstown released!

FSX/P3D. I must admit, 2013 thus far has been quite an amazing year for addons. If our hobby is in decline, all the releases we have been getting is certainly not reflecting that. Weather its the big boys like Orbx, or the little guys like JetStream Designs that released that amazing Marsellies LFML, clearly big and small, all developers are doing their part. So are you doing your part? Are you spending money? Head out to The FlightSim Store and pick up your Queenstown copy today! And my painful mouth permitting, the ADX FirstLook of ZQN will follow later today! Of i'm off to surgery, more news in a few hours. Ciao!
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Others will try. But there's only 1 ADX!
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Unknown said...

I hope John Venema reads this:

I will not be spending anymore of my money on any of your products until YOU fix FTX Global and make it DX10 compatible.

And spending more money on Steve's upcoming DX10 fix tool is not an acceptable solution. I expect a fully working DX10 compatible FTX Global from Orbx, without having to fork out another cent!

Ypaul123 said...

Is that the airport with the challenging approach

Albus Cai said...

Nope. that was PAJN that you talked about.

DAndre Newman said...

Correct, Juneau has good challanging crosswind approaches with a hard right turn before the threshold.

Ypaul123 said...

I once saw a movie about an airport located in NZ surrounded by high mountains and stuff...
very difficult approach. I forgot its name though :(

Ypaul123 said...

Yes. The airport's name is Wellington. pity orbx hasn't done this yet..

Unknown said...

Yes this is a challenging approach more so than any others in NZ

Unknown said...

It's not as simple as you think.. but I do hope Steve's fix will not be expensive. Best if he goes without a reseller.

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