Thursday, September 12, 2013

Update for the Metroliner!

FSX. Razbam has stated the 1st Metroliner flight dynamics model has been delivered and they are starting tests on it. Here are some FTE tests so far: Two and one engine behavior/performance, take off and landing distance, stall speeds, and emergency descent performance correct minus some minor tuning that might still be required. Overall, for a first version test, it's already quite finished. Also, with crash detection OFF, you have belly landing capabilities. Here are more findings so far:

She's capable of spins and slips. (no SAS stick pusher built into the FDE) Crosswind landings up to 25kts are possible and the VMCA of 91kts is correct as well. NTS has been built into the FDE.
And many more that can´t be discussed openly, yet!

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