Thursday, September 12, 2013

Whitsunday Islands, Australia!

FSX. Look out! Here comes another VFR paradise in Oz! And it will fit nicely with FTX. I have come under heat from a few readers in the past for following projects on FSDeveloper. But think about it. This year alone, we have seen more quality payware addons coming from independent developers on FSD than at any other time in history. ADX is for the big devs and the little devs and I must say, the little developers have really been kicking ass lately. So rest assured, they will continue to get the spotlight on ADX. Check out the latest independent project! All it needs is some autogen. Terrific work Rainey.

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Others will try. But there's only 1 ADX!
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Unknown said...

WOW that's some breath-taking scenery!

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