Thursday, September 19, 2013

Orbx Bozeman Yellowstone released!

FSX/P3D. Yeehaw! We're headed to Big Sky Country people! Jarrad Marshall has released his latest masterpiece and i'm doing my pre flight checks as we speak. This is a fascinating destination and an airport for the Q400, NGX, AXE, and VFR folks alike can all enjoy. So grab a jacket and your copy of FTX: NA KBZN Bozeman Yellowstone now from The FlightSim Store! Get cracking, time's a wastin!

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Unknown said...

For all of you using NVIDIA cards, a brand-new driver was released yesterday by NVIDIA:

Unknown said...

There is a major problem with this scenery. I just flew an approach from the north and the whole airport shimmers like crazy as you start getting closer!

I have not experienced any such problem with any other Orbx airport.

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