Friday, September 20, 2013

McPhat. What are you up to now?

FSX? After the release of their very successful DC9 series with CoolSky, the McPhat dudes are showing off a preview of what appears to be a CRT equipped Airbus panel. Hmmm A340 perhaps? Very curious indeed. As always, as the news comes, I'll be on top of it.
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fridberg said...

When I installed DC-9F from McPhat it was a message that said that they were pleased I had purchased the DC-9 and hope that I would buy Fokker 50 and A330. It went something like that

Ypaul123 said...

i hope they have teamed up with FS Labs.

Unknown said...

They said they will be doing an A330 as their is no market for an A340. They also said they don't want to do it because Airbus no longer manufactures it. They said this all to me in a comment once. I wish someone would do a quality A340. There's now 3 developers working away at an A330 while the best A340 is that piece of crap Wilco offers lol..

McPhat Studios said...

Hey Darren, let me elaborate on that for a bit:

The cool thing about us doing textures for other developers in the beginning is that we could get a good view on what model (combined with what developer) sells well and which one sells less well.

People want to fly the plane 'that took them to their holiday destination last summer'. Aircraft they see, that's why a plastic fantastic jet like the E-Jet World Airliners grossed enough money to buy you a nice luxery car (in Europe) and an old vintage jet like the DC-9 barely brings in enough money to pay your average McDonalds employee a 2 month salary.

Bear in mind that the DC-9 which was a labor of love, took us a year and half to make compared to the E-Jet textures which we threw out in a month or two, three (that was pre-UDHT era, around the 70px/m, while the DC-9 has over 350).

In short: Although we like the A340, and we even have access to one, commercially, it's a wrong choice.

If it's a hot seller in real life, it's a hot seller in FS world and the A330-300 is selling like it's nobody's business.


PS. At this moment the 330 we're making is not slated for a FS release.

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