Thursday, September 19, 2013

Razbam Metroliner beta shots!

FSX/P3D. It's getting pretty close folks. If you purchased the pre-release version, you should be getting your beta copy in the coming days. For the rest, the offical released is expected in early October provided the beta process goes well. Here are the latest shots. And the sunken wheels deal is fixed. Check it out!

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Andreas said...

Looks good so far, but I couldnt see the most important things: any panel screenshots, descriptions or videos. When Razbam really wants starts presales, they should offer more than just a view pictures to charge $40. And Razbam does not have a reputation like PMDG or ORBX. If they need money for developing, they should make a crowdfunding project out of it But even for that, the customers wants to see more than just these view screenshots.

Sorry guys, but thats not the way the business works.

Unknown said...

Here are the screenshots of the VC.


Andreas said...

Thanks very much Tim, I saw this 9 months ago already, but the most interessting gauges are still black, so there is nothing new too see.

Lets wait for the final release and 1st reviews. But it really looks excited so far, couldnt wait to fly the "feartube" ^^

Unknown said...

Razbam are usually known for high-quality add-ons. I'm sure they won't disappoint with the Metroliner, but I agree, they could certainly do a better job at promoting their pre-release purchase option with some updated screenshots of the VC and some videos.

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