Thursday, September 26, 2013

Narita is getting ready. Are you?

FSX/P3D. The WingCreaton team is now on the home stretch. According to the developer, the final tests will be conducted this week. If all goes well, I imagine we could be seeing release within the coming week. Good news for Narita fans! Here are the latest shots.

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IFR7700 said...

This looks good. I need another Asian destination.

Sid said...

Such a pity they're going to release it like this...with a 90%, 'almost done look' to me. Because of the poor night lighting and missing little improvements to the ground textures or the odd sprinkle of volumetric grass or something, the whole place seems to lack immersion and atmosphere of such a hugely important international hub airport in terms of 2013 standards.

I know they're not long in the game and therefore can understand why they may not yet be able to do these improvements but because of the lack of that last 10% of the above little but vital details (not too much extra work relatively speaking) it will instead be sold with this fs2004 (agreed, very nice fs 2004) look about it.

I really am so sorry to sound critical of it, as personally I'm one of those who'd love to have a decent Narita in my sim and its a real shame that they won't sort out the last 10% of work to improve the night-lighting and detailing/little improvements to ground textures/renders etc in order to give it a feeling of completeness and truly immersive atmosphere one would love to arrive at after a long NGX or 777 flight. It then makes it difficult for me to give up the VAS usage/performance to justify a personally unsatisfying experience. That said, it'll suit many who aren't too fussed and good for them. They'll enjoy it I'm sure for just having something quite a bit better-looking than default.

Sometimes I wish I didn't care so much about immersion and I didn't used to some years ago but these days, so many immersive products have conditioned me to accept the immersion factor that is becoming more commonplace nowadays. Therefore, 'm going to have to wait for the ADX first look (perhaps it just these particular shots/angles/etc.), but I think if the next week isn't used to refine some of those elements that are putting me off, unfortunately I'll probably end up passing this up. I may, however, in order to do my bit to try and support a team which seems to be trying to work towards the quality Asian airport market much in demand these days, to improve their skills, later buy a less critical Fukushima for the sim. I will also keep a keen eye out for any updates to Narita later that may well change my mind and indeed to future and hopefully even better quality sceneries from this promising Japanese outfit. Good luck to them indeed. Looking forward to the famous ADX First Look post-release prior to making a concrete personal decision. As I say, its not looking bad, it looks quite good, just not quite good enough for fussy ol' me. Hearing about performance in performance-heavy aircraft will also make an interesting overall conclusion. So lets see what the balance throws up but I'd imagine ADX Live session on it would really help make the right decision if you get time DAndre?! Think it'd help many.
Thanks for info D!

Sid said...

P.S. Should have said, the modelling is fantastic though! No issues there at all!

Unknown said...

This looks very promising indeed!

belisarivs said...

This is lacking some stuff compared to the FlyTampa, Flightbeam or FSDT sceneries. I am still getting this, because it is the best you can get for Narita by the looks of it, and nevertheless it looks very good.

belisarivs said...

This is lacking some stuff compared to the FlyTampa, Flightbeam or FSDT sceneries. I am still getting this, because it is the best you can get for Narita by the looks of it, and nevertheless it looks very good.

Todd said...

Sid, you are not a man of few words, are you? ; b

As someone who has dabbled in airport design, but who doesn't have the skill set or patience to do it well, I am impressed by what these guys have achieved. This is only their second airport, and it's a very big one at that. All I can say is they should be proud of their work. Keep up the good work, guys.

Ypaul123 said...

the control towers look amazing, but thats the only good thing I found about the airport's model.
the airport photo realistic terrain looks blurish (pic 21)
the gates look cartoonish and basic compared top airport models (pic 20)

Mason Dominique said...

Textures could be better but i am gonna buy this one; just to support them !
Dom Mason

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