Thursday, September 26, 2013

Metroliner getting close!

FSX/P3D. Here are the latest development shots of the Razbam Metroliner now in beta. If you were one of those who prepaid for the product, you should be getting beta copy yourselves very shortly. For the rest of us, release is expected in October and likely just in time for the 3rd anniversary of AirDailyX! Good things ahead!!/RazbamSims
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Unknown said...

The VC looks pretty impressive. If there is systems depth behind these great graphics, this a plane to get.

Unknown said...

I am interesting in purchasing this plane, and have gone to the RazBam web site and attempted to do it. Unfortunately they require too much personal information. I am willing to give my name and address and credit card information, but it is unnecessary to have to provide gender and date of birth. This is totally unrelated to the information that Razbam requires to verify that I am a qualified purchaser. In this world of internet companies (and governments) intruding unnecessarily into people's private lives, this is frankly just unnecessary and the purchasing public should not put up with it.

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