Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vidan Bornholm back...

FSX/P3D...Under the knife that is. The developer Vidan Design had released a very detailed upgrade to his Bornholm X project last year and the scenery is getting yet another jump kick with completely new higher resolution ground textures. Vidan is a very talented developer and I will be keeping up with his progress.

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Sid said...

Great news! Still on my 'to get' list :-)
Thanks for this great news!

Unknown said...

This looks interesting, I guess with the developer being Danish, this will then be better than Bornholm from Drzewiecki Design?

John said...

In my Bornholm Airport update, the coverage area of ​​the photo terrain will be the airport itself and the nearest surroundings + the city of Rønne. The polish product uses google earth aerial images for the entire Bornholm island, 590 km². I myself cannot afford licensing aerial images for such a large area! Regarding building textures, well, I think that you can still find the comparative screenshots the polish guy made some time ago here, lol. But that's another story in itself. John

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