Sunday, September 22, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Orbx Bozeman!

FSX/P3D. Sheer realism. You don't have to go anywhere. Those are the 2 first thoughts that came to mind when I first explored all Bozeman has to offer. Sure you can blast off in your NGX at 250KIAS and not look back. But if you did, you would not be giving this scenery the time and attention it truly deserves. Jarrad has really pulled out all the stops with this product and has delivered a truly realistic atmosphere. So realistic in fact, just flying around the Bridger Mountains and valley is a trip in itself. You don't really have to go anywhere. So come nowhere with me as we explore Bozeman in this latest edition of ADX Firstlook!

Quite honestly, this product reallyspeaks for itself. I easily spent well over an hour just flying low and slow over this impressive landscape. The framerates for my midrange system averaged at 23 FPS on approach and on the ground and in the 60's in the air. The textures are sharp, the ground image crisp, and the attention to detail over the Jim Bridger Mountains is impressive to say the least. I also really liked the night lighting as well. Another plus to this scenery is the option to approach and depart runways 3/21 for the light aircraft and 30/12 for the big stuff. In this way, everyone can enjoy a proper approach in their favorite aircraft.

The only issues I observed did NOT include stutters as many have reported. But I did encounter some water elevation issues in the 2 nearby water quarries. Besides this, the parking lot ground image could have been better in detail. The only other nitpicking i'll do is I would have liked to have an option to remove the grass and I did not like that I had to manually select the winter/summer foliage textures in the options exe. But that's it. Jarrad has done another spectacular job and this is defiantly a product you just don't want to miss. It has so much to offer.

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Unknown said...

Wow, with all of these new ORBX additions, I'm going to have to dust off my GA aircraft and take them out more often.

Ypaul123 said...


Just wanted to compliment you on these beautiful screenshot captures and of course the article.


Todd said...

This is an amazing scenery. I have zero problems in P3D. Don't forget to download the FTX CRM sp2 patch which is supposed to fix the issues everyone has reported, including elevation problems.

Unknown said...

This a very nice scenery. I would love to purchase this, but I've had the problem after I purchased Jackson hole Wyoming that I was getting land class over the ocean, especially in the Florida boarders. I couldnt figure out the problem so always had to unistall FSX and reinstall. It is a tedious process and would like to know if anyone every had that issue and if there's a fix. I have Ultimate Terrain and Ground Environment. I don't know if that was the issue for incompatibility .

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