Sunday, September 22, 2013

WC Narita update!

FSX. Not much news the past few days. I imagine many developers are cranking away at their projects. WingCreation has been posting regular updates on their Narita project and here are the latest from this project. Thanks to Tobias for the tipoff.

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Kevin Firth said...

Are you checking emails D'Andre? :p

DAndre Newman said...

I get a lot. But just came accross yours. Thanks!

Sid said...

Though I see some improvement each time new shots are displayed by these guys, its still needs a little something to float my boat...I cannot put my finger on what, but for me anyway, one thing I'd like to see improved would be the night lighting in general...Its better than it was but still not quite there for me I'm afraid. Wonder how performance might be. If they keep working on it a little more, I do think they can get there but at this particular moment, I'll have to keep watching before being able to make any decisions...I do want a decent Narita and this could make it if night lighting is improved and general quality and ground work is harmonised all over...some of the modelling is promising but needs to be the same all over. Will keep my eyes open as I've been doing with your useful updates of this project DAndre. Thank you for doing so!

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