Sunday, September 22, 2013

A few mo from Oslo!

FSX/P3D. Forgive my lame attempt at rhyming. joerlend is showing off a few more shots of his upcoming Oslo rework currently in progress. Once completed, it's surely to stand up well among FSDT, FlightBeam, and LHSim, etc in terms of quality. I am personally really looking forward to this one. Good quality indeed. Although I will admit, I hope the performance is as good as it looks.

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Unknown said...

I hope they will improve performance.

Sid said...

Totally with you on that DAndre...If performance is good, this is a definite for me...If it performs. Otherwise, it looks like a 5 star quality piece of design and development work. All the shots you have posted on Oslo so far have been out of this Budapest, which I'm hoping to get alongside MMMX tomorrow!
More screenies always welcome! Cheers again,

Zeno said...

They have already put there the new terminal building which will be finished in 2017 :)

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