Monday, September 23, 2013

GSX 1.8 update released!

FSX/P3D. GSX is without a doubt a quality alternative to Aerosoft's AES albeit the issue of not getting animated jetbridges in non FSDT airports. FSDT has just released GSX 1.8, which adds 2 new types of FMC Commander aircraft loaders. These being both the universal lower deck and main deck loaders. Check it out.
Press note:

This loader can reach doors up to an height of 5.558 mt (220"), and will be automatically selected if the cargo door on the airplane is higher than 3.40 mt. We included support for the following airplanes, which are now configured to use the Main Cargo door on the left side of the airplane: 

PMDG 747-400F
Qualitywings 752F

We also modified the default configuration for the CS-727F (both 100 and 200 version), to load cargo from the Main Deck door, although it will use the standard FMC Commander 15i.

If you created or downloaded a customization file for any of those planes, is suggested you use the "Reset" button in the GSX Airplane configuration utility, so the new default configuration from GSX will be used.

The loader can be used with any other airplane with an available GSX configuration, and will be selected automatically if the door's height is 3.40 meters or more.


To install this version, you must to one of the following:

1) Apply the current Live Update after being notified of it, or use the "Check Live Update" function under the "Couatl powered products" menu.
2) Download and install one of the GSX Vehicles Updates, on the GSX product page, here's the direct links: (new vehicles released after Jun 2013) (new vehicles released after May 2012) (new vehicles released after Feb 2012)

You only need one of the 3 vehicle installers, depending how old your full GSX installation is.


1) Download and install the GSX Full installer. This has been updated to 1.8 now, so it contains everything in a single download.

The update is free to all GSX customers.

You can view the full announcement by following this link:
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Sid said...

Sounds great DAndre!...I use GSX and this is good news you bring us. Any idea if it will now work for the PMDG 777 passenger airliner?


DAndre Newman said...


Sid said...

Fabulous! Thanks mate! By the way, a heads up...There's a nice showcase vid of Orbx Canberra plus previews of FTX Global Iceland Demo now available on their forums...I'd say they look really worthy of you showcasing them here at ADX when you're awake later today :-) Thanks so much for the simple and prompt reply regarding GSX and PMDG 777!
All the best,

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